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[[Hayley Kelly continued from Instinct]]

They didn't go very far. After all, they were all tired, and it was already getting dark, and they'd had a long day of killing and murder and death and philosophical-ish conversations about killing and murder and...yeah. Yeah, it had been kind of a crap day, but here on Survival of the Fittest, any day where they weren't dead yet was kind of a victory. Fuck yeah, Hayley Kelly, keep on keepin' on. Accentuate the motherfuckin' positive.

They walked out of the field of tree stumps, and into a field of...well, trees. So less a field, then, and more of a forest, confirmed by a cursory glance at her map that showed them to be in the coastal woods. As good a place as any to bed down for the night, Hayley figured. Besides, she was tired. And hungry. Really hungry. With a vague "This'll do" to Kyle and Ema, she sat- or, a bit more correctly, collapsed- beside a particularly tall tree and dug a loaf of bread out her day pack, ripping off a piece and chewing, as slowly as she could manage.

She was quiet. Everything was quiet. Everything had already been said. This is too much.

She finished her bread. She lit a cigarette. She finished the cigarette. It was a process. It was automatic. Stress turns the best of us robotic.

Hayley fell asleep without another a word.


So like an alarm clock, the morning announcements had trained Hayley's brain to wake itself up a good ten minutes before they started. So Hayley was wide awake when she heard that irritating BZZZZZZZT- noise.

"...That's right, we passed the hundred death mark yesterday, so congratulations indeed on remaining alive. You've only got, well, a hundred and sixtyish people left to outlive now."

"Holy fuck," Hayley muttered, hardly noticing that she was actually speaking. That is a lot of people. That is in fact a fuckton of people. Jesus fucking Christ, this game is really happening. I mean, given that I've contributed 4 to that total, I shouldn't be so, like, shocked by that but still, damn...

Hayley stood. Stretched. All three of them had slept separately, not that she would have minded sleeping with either of the others heh, but her need to keep things as not-awkward as possible had kept her from doing so. Kyle was wide awake- knowing him he'd barely slept- and Ema was still lying down, so Hayley couldn't tell at first glance whether or not the announcement had woken her. Hayley looked up, in a vague attempt to look at the source of the voice, the speaker that was around here somewhere.

"Hayley Kelly waltzed out of nowhere and blew Jennifer Romita away before she could blink, for our hundredth death of the season..."

"Cool," she said mainly to herself, with a small smile. I shouldn't be happy about this but fuck if that isn't kind of awesome. Kill number 100. That's a fucking milestone.

"Hayley Kelly continued her trend of wandering the open areas before randomly blowing someone away when she caught up to Jason Clarke..."

"I'm so famous," she said, again to herself, yawning dramatically. The rest of the announcements were more or less uninteresting- no one important dead. Maxwell Lombardi continues to be a murderous English twat. Some other familiar names coming up- Reiko, Ilario, Raidon, all known killers at this point. She realized that other people would be putting her on their lists, and she felt a twinge of...something. Something like...pride?

Yeah, that's not okay. I really need to get my mind off this game.

She paused, and lit a cigarette, taking deep, nicotine breaths. It was so very difficult to get your mind off the game. It was so very difficult to ignore your own, rapidly approaching death. Memento mori was never so redundant as here. Every moment spend remembering that you will die. There were so few things that could take your mind off of something like that. So few-

...No. No, this totally isn't the time.

But when the fuck will it be the time? Ever again?

Hayley looked back and forth between her two companions. Kyle was awake, Ema might or might not be, but she won't begrudge me a little time alone with him, will she? Nah, I mean, she'll know, but she can't. Can't be mad at me. Can she? No, she can't be that...petty, not now. How much time do we have left for this? None at all. At least for the moment...we're safe, safe and alone, and I...can't let the moment go.

Stupid? Yes.

Foolish? Careless? Yes.

A complete failure of priorities? ...Yes.


"Kyle," she said, finally addressing someone besides herself. "You want to go for a walk...?"
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