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Jasper-Declan was silent, as he often was, digesting the details of the scene occurring around him, as he was wont to do. This girl, this Thea, seemed quite unreasonable. This Charlene seemed...he didn't know exactly what to think of her. She was clearly on Thea's side, but she didn't seem to want any conflict, which was exactly how he felt, though obviously his loyalties lay with Alex. And Alex...was in love?

"But how dare you question my integrity, when all i've ever tried to do is help and all I've seen you do is argue about helping me and lead everyone out here to go hunt the GIRL I LOVE!"

Well then.

Jasper-Declan didn't understand love. Well, he understood it, in a technical sense, and he certainly loved his parents and his brother and sister, but in the teenage, affectionate, boy/girl sense, he just didn't comprehend it. But he understood well enough that Alex's feelings were strong- strong enough to be protecting a girl who had killed, more than once- and that he needed to be on Alex's side for this. Not that he would've changed sides now, for anything. He had found Alex, and he was not going to lose him now. For any reason.

Of course, Thea took issue with this explanation. Apparently one of the people Hayley had killed had been the boy Thea had loved, which made her position a bit more understandable, he supposed. She left soon after, and Charlene followed suit, leaving Jasper-Declan and Alex alone in the woods.

...What was there to say?

"...Alex," he said, speaking slowly. "Let's go. It is...getting quite late. We must find a place to rest."

He began to walk, making sure that Alex followed.


Jasper-Declan hesitated. Speaking this way was not his forte. He wasn't much for casual conversation. But...

"...How long have you been in love with Hayley...?"

[[Jasper-Declan MacDermott and Alexander Campbell continued in Our Last Days As Children]]

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