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Bill waited for a moment, looking down the halls for the murder of...whomever the dead body happened to belong to, or at least for someone to emerge without (literal) blood on their hands.

Unsurprisingly, the person was not forthcoming, when he caught movement in one of the mirrors at almost the same time as he heard glass crunching behind him. Spinning around, Bill found his loaded gun in Logan Reynolds' face, while Logan was holding some sort of club in his hand. An irritated frown appeared on Bill's face, and he shook his head, coming to a slightly less dramatic conclusion than Logan might have expected.

"Don't worry, I didn't kill anybody, but someone in here did."

The same someone he assumed that Logan was skulking around, looking for.

"If you want to help me, go the other way and we can corner them. I've got no problem with you."

And from the look on Bill's face and the tone of his voice, that is not a request, and a refusal will not be met with anything resembling approval.

Though Bill is going to turn once Logan is well underway to try and chase down the mystery killer, he keeps an eye on her until she does turn.

"By the way, what's your name?"
David Anderson (deceased)
Tyler Franklin (deceased)
Bill Davis (not dead yet...but soon!)
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