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"W-What? Oh, that! That's the metal... Stick-thingey I got assigned as my weapon. Completely forgot I still had it on me..... Uh, if its any c-consolation, its totally useless by the way. Barely even a weapon, really, I mean. Its not like you can actually KILL anyone with it or anything, especially people with big intimidating guns aimed right at me ..."

Tiffany was not convinced. She knew a lie when she saw one - although in this case, it was quite possible Joshua was telling the truth and she didn't really care to note that fact. Joshua gulped as he continued spewing complete BS, although since it was on the subject of Felicia, Tiffany didn't really care about it.

"Anyway, uh... Who've we met? Well, um, I-we kind of came into contact with R.J Lowe pretty early on, but that was ages ago and he could be anywhere by now. We, uh, also kinda bumped into Rachel Gettys the other day by the river. She was hobbling around on some kind of walking stick the last time we saw her... Apart from them though, pretty much everyone else we've met are already kinda dead ... and I'm, uh, sorry but neither of us have any idea where Felicia is. Last time I saw her we were all just about to get on the coach and stuff. I wish we could help you out there, I really do, but ..."

Quincy was, to his credit, not buying it either. She might have to keep a closer eye on him after this, but for now, she was going to have to trust him.

"Come on now, you expect me to believe that? And so soon after we caught you lying about your weapon. There's hundreds of this on the island. And you've only met two people between the pair of you. You been hiding all this time? You've gotta know more than that. But it looks like you need some encouragement." Tiffany glanced as Quincy pointed the rifle down, and ...



Joshua's right knee exploded in a red mist as he fell to his knees, screaming. Tiffany herself gave a startled yelp as she dropped the stick and quickly stepped back, blood spraying onto her legs and shoes.

What the ... stupid asshole couldn't have even told me he was going to do that? These shoes are GUCCI. They're worth more than the three of you combined!

Despite the extreme irritation she was now feeling because there was blood covering her shoes, Tiffany turned her attention to Marty. Joshua wasn't exactly going anywhere, not with his kneecap annihilated by a bullet, and Marty was going off on Quincy, although Tiffany was pretty confident that if Marty tried anything, he'd be dead before Tiffany could say the word. Even if Quincy hesitated, all Tiffany would have to do is act scared and ...


Tiffany turned her head to Joshua. In spite of her previous judgement, Joshua was running straight for Quincy, ready to ...

Oh, shit.

Even with Quincy's misstep, Tiffany wasn't about to let anything happen to him. He was just too valuable right now, even if he didn't even seem to realize that he was being attacked. Joshua, on the other hand, meant nothing to her. As such, Tiffany felt no qualms in taking out her golf club as she ran towards Joshua and swinging it at his head with all the strength she could muster.
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