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"Then, I guess we make it quick. If it means anything, you gave me a run for my money ... and ... I'm sorry it came to this."


Tyler turned his head slowly to give Simon the cleanest shot he could. Even so, he felt a bit of fear creep in as Simon drew the hood of his sweatshirt up to cover the point of impact, even as he lifted his head a centimeter or two to let the hood slip around cleanly before resting his head on the inside of the fabric once Simon was done moving it.

Would I RATHER he left me here? Of course not.

Tyler Franklin had seen every season of SOTF. He might not have known all of the deaths by heart, but he knew how bad they could get: He knew he could have been left to die on the beach, possibly waiting for hours for the end, or he could have found himself helpless at the hands of a true lunatic. He knew how bad the possibilities were. An opponent willing to kill him quickly, and without malace, though?

Having a good death? I guess that's all I could have hoped for once I got here. I could do a lot worse than this. A LOT worse.

The last few seconds seemed to drag on for an eternity as he waited for the tire iron to come down. Tyler didn't mind: Even with the pain he was in, he knew that the other option, of Simon botching the shot and having to try again, was infinitely worse. Instead, he kept his head as still as he could when he saw Simon start to swing down...

Good luck, Si...


Tyler felt a blinding pain for only a fraction of a fraction of a second, his vision going white with that pain. Then the blow did its work, and he lost all consciousness without a sound. Anything else he felt would not be in the physical world.

Of course, the human body is a lot more complex, and isn't wont to shut down immediately. When the tire iron connected, his body twitched; a number of fragments of bone went into his brain, scrambling all of the signals that would have normally gone out.

Because of this, after the blow landed, his lungs kept up a few more ragged breaths before his brain signalled to the rest of his body that he was dead. His heart also kept beating, and a red spot appeared where Simon's blow had landed, the pumping blood partly leaking out onto the hood of his sweatshirt. There was no movement in his eyes, though, which stared out motionlessly into the distance, and only a very light sound of air entering and leaving his lungs automatically.

And though it took a few minutes, Tyler's body soon shut down as well, as his heart stopped beating and his lungs gave in with a final sigh.

David Anderson (deceased)
Tyler Franklin (deceased)
Bill Davis (not dead yet...but soon!)
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