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((GMing of Tyler Franklin approved by Anderson))

"I...die. You...go on."

Simon just looked at Tyler for a second. Is he serious? (What do you think? You killed him. He just hasn't died yet.) Simon just stared at Tyler as he winced in what was probably the unholiest pain ever.


He really means it. I can't just ... (Yes, you can. And you have to. He's fucked either way. The only question is how much suffering he'll go through.) He's already suffering now! (And you can end it. Just finish what you started.)

Simon looked at the tire iron, and then at Tyler as he gripped the tool in his right hand. One blow to the head. That would probably be enough to end it.

"Then, I guess we make it quick. If it means anything, you gave me a run for my money ... and ... I'm sorry it came to this." Tyler, realizing what was about to happen, turned his head to the side as Simon knelt by Tyler and raised his hood up. Not to hide Tyler's face or anything - they both knew what was coming. Rather, it was to prevent the implement from doing any visible external damage as a respect to the soon-to-be corpse of his worthy opponent. He slowly raised the tire iron up, and aiming for the temple, brought it down with both hands.

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