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(Oh, god. I hope that this still counts.)

Ash cursed silently. She had been way too slow. If she had paid attention to the girl and not herself, she could've seized the opportunity to run away without attracting notice. She would just have to disregard the low chances of success and get away ASAP before Reiko turned and saw her.

Hesitantly, she set the bags she stole down. The only thing she could take with her would be a mere bottle of water. Still, it was better than nothing. There would be other opportunities later.

She got on her hands and knees, slowly clawing at the sand as she tried to crawl away from the scene. The sound of the waves covered up her shuffling almost perfectly, although it was still barely noticeable.

Remember that poster. Keep calm and carry on. That's what I need to do here.

With a quick glance behind her to confirm that Reiko was still looking away from her, Ash slithered off towards safety.

((Ash Morrison continued in Make Your Own Kind of Music))
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