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Don't cast aspersions on my asparagus.
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These were some of the many colourful words any outside observer, whether on the island or watching safely at home, could have, quite justifiably, used to describe Sunil at that very moment in time, and a quick search through any good thesaurus would certainly have revealed many more.

Sunil would have had to agree that these hypothetical individuals had a point.

His bumbling attempt to back up Garry's story had made things worse, if not for Garry, then at least for himself. He had probably come across as a socially awkward, idiotic asshole who had something to hide, which was not a very fair description of Sunil, and his monologue had probably irreversibly damaged his image in the eyes of not only the newcomers but also his two travelling companions.

The phrase "when you're in a hole, stop digging" had obviously meant nothing to Sunil, as the world at-large saw when his little joke at the end backfired terribly, and made Rena go all ballistic on him. Her little outburst that occurred the moment Sunil's words reached her ears had the ironic side-effect of giving Sunil's joke a grain of truth.

And so, for the first time in quite a long while, Sunil applied his pragmatic, strategic way of thinking to a real-world situation, and took the sensible step of shutting the fuck up for the rest of the conversation.

And so, even though he twitched at the (not entirely undeserved) insult aimed at him, Sunil kept his head down, letting everyone else do the talking.

Best decision he'd made in a long time.
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