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"Uhhh, well, um... Yea-uhhh....."

That was all Joshua could come up with as a reply to Quincy's claim that they were both keeping information from him.

In all fairness, that WAS exactly what they were doing. But the fact that Quincy managed to see through Joshua's bluff either meant that Joshua was really bad at lying, or Quincy as it seemed wasn't quite as dumb as the two boys first suspected. The fact that he didn't believe that Joshua had honestly forgotten about the jutte as well didn't help things, especially seeing Joshua did genuinely forget that he still had it on him.

Okay, think Josh think! Hmm, maybe, you could tell him that the reason you lied was 'cause we didn't want to reveal the location of an escape group in the swamp or something? Yeah! Maybe we could give him a false lead, and convince him to head in the opposite direction to where Aston 'n' Anna are hiding! Hell yeah, that sounds like a great ide-

"You've gotta know more than that. But it looks like you need some encouragement."





A few minutes ago, Joshua and Marty had been sitting on the carousel together, sharing a can of beer whilst reminiscing on the days before everyone was trying to kill each other to survive. Now Joshua was lying on the floor, with a bullet lodged in his right kneecap, and all Marty could do was stand there with a terrified expression on his face.

His knee had just... Well, Marty hadn't any idea how to describe it really. One second it was fine, the next there was a deafening sound as the gun went off shortly followed by a burst of blood and flesh as the bullet impacted Joshua's knee. After which, he fell to the floor, screaming in agony as he clutched the bloody injury with his hands in a feeble attempt at stemming the blood flow. Marty too was screaming at this moment, having jumped to his feet the second Joshua was shot. Tears were already flowing down Marty's face with abandon, brought on my a mixture of shock at the sudden turn of events and concern for his friend's well-being...

...But most of all, Marty was angry at that moment. Angry that Quincy had found them. Angry that Quincy had crippled his only friend in the whole world. Angry that Danya had put them on this damn island to begin with.

And he didn't hide it for one second.

"...WHAT THE HELL QUINCY!!! Jesus fuck man, YOU JUST SHOT HIM! What the FUCK is wrong with you!?! He told you the truth, everyone else we've met are dead you stupid asshole! Daniel, Ben, Carol, Michelle all of them, DEAD! And its all because of selfish dickheads like YOU fucking things up all the time! If it wasn't for dumb-assess like yourself fucking shooting everyone you meet, we might actually stand a chance at finding a way out of here! But no, because of fucking fucktards like you, we're all doomed to die here like fucking lab rats! You think Felicia is gonna want you back after you've slaughtered half the island looking for her? Well, do you!?! You stupid fu......"

As Marty continued his mindless tirade against Quincy, all Joshua could think about at that moment was the fact that getting shot in the knee hurt far more than he'd ever imagine it to.

Jesus... Oh god, oh Jesus Christ this hurts.... Oh Jesus, I knew getting shot in the knee would hurt like a bitch, but DAMN! My leg feels like its on fucking fire here!

Joshua clenched his teeth in pain, his heart pounding nonstop as blood continued to flow freely from his injury. In all the excitement, the hairband he was using to keep his hair back in a ponytail fell off, causing his long hair droop down loosely about him. His breathed in an out in a rhythmic fashion, a horrified look on his face as Joshua slowly came to a realisation...

...He was already dead.

He wasn't quite dead YET, but the fact remained that getting shot in the knee was a pretty crippling injury. No matter how he looked at it, he couldn't see any way out of this situation that would end with him still alive. It was only a matter of time until Quincy would get sick of Marty and decide to silence him permanently. A quick pull of the trigger was all that he'd need to do, and Marty - His best friend in the entire world - would be dead.

...It was at that point, as Joshua lay there injured and in tremendous pain, that he realised what he had to do.

I... Its over for me. Even if me an' Marty were somehow able to get away from here, i'd just drag him down. Hell, i'll probably slowly bleed to death anyway. Couldn't treat a frigging crossbow bolt to the arm, let alone a goddamn bullet to the knee. As much as I hate to admit it, i'm pretty much a goner by this point.....

.....But Marty? He can still make it. He still has a chance out of here. Its too late for me... But perhaps it ain't too for Marty to survive.

Slowly, despite the indescribable pain in his knee, Joshua managed to prop himself up onto his left foot as his hands pushed him up from the floor, as if he was about to take part in some Olympic event, with Quincy and Tiffany too busy looking at Marty to notice him.

Only got one shot at this... One chance to save Marty.... One chance to do some good in this game.......

A smile appeared on his face as the living anachronism accepted his fate. He wished that he still had the chance for some parting words with Marty. Something along the lines of "I'm glad to have been your friend" or something like that. But, considering the situation, that seemed somewhat impossible without revealing what he was doing. He'd have enough time to tell Marty to run, and that would be about it.

Well, least this way i'll be going out with a bang, eh? Better to die saving someone's life rather then as a burden dragging them down...

.....Well, no time like the present. Adios Marty. Its been awesome whilst it lasted...

On that note, with all the strength he could muster, Joshua pushed himself up with his left foot and hands, practically pouncing in Quincy's direction. Things seemed to be going in slow motion as he neared closer and closer to Quincy, whose gun at the time was still trained at Marty. However, seeing as he wasn't quite close enough to actually get to Quincy from where he was starting from, he was forced to put his weight onto his injured leg in the process. A pain unlike anything Joshua could have ever imagined shot through his body at that moment, but nevertheless he ignored it. Adrenaline was pumping through his veins. A look of confidence was in his eyes. And his fist was clenched and ready to show Quincy what happens to people who shoot him and threaten his best friend.

And within this brief moment, Joshua did have enough time to shout out one sentence before his fist collided with Quincy's face..........

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