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Celeste followed Pandora quietly, a bitter frown on her face. All that trouble...all this trouble, wandering through dark tunnels, striking a deal with Pandora and then upping the price, only for Kayla to turn tail and run away. And Celeste didn't know where she'd gone, if she'd gotten out or was still wandering in there...But damn it, Celeste wanted to get the hell out of this place, out of the dark and in proper daylight, and not have to wander around like a lab-rat in a cardboard maze. Besides, what would have happened if the tunnels were announced as a Danger Zone? Celeste would run around like a chicken with its head cut off. And then some time later, she really would be missing her head.

Well, fine! Kayla wanted to be a fucking idiot and run from the only person willing to help them out of the maze? Fine. Her head could fucking blow off for all Celeste cared!

"The exit is just ahead. See the light ahead?" Pandora said, snapping Celeste out of her sulking. She looked up, looking around. ...No, she didn't see any light. It looked the same as it did a few minutes ago. But hey, maybe Pandora was a tunnel-creature-woman or something. Maybe she saw light where Celeste didn't.

"Yeah, sure...I guess," she grumbled.

"Once we're past this area, we will be outside amongst the other monsters... Far away from this Hades. Before we plunge ourselves into that decaying madness, might I ask for my payment now? It may be the only chance I have to sit and rest..."

Ohhhh, Celeste got it now. Pandora wasn't going to show her to the actual exit til she got her payment. "Yeah...fine," Celeste answered, slipping her duffel off her shoulder and kneeling beside it. She didn't want to pay Pandora just yet--what if Pandora ran off with it or something? But on the other hand, it was too risky to piss someone off in this game. And Pandora could easily hurt her--Celeste being weaponless and all--or leave her where she was if she refused. As close to the exit as they probably were, Celeste couldn't risk going there on her own. Knowing her awful luck, she might turn around and end up further than she started.

"Here," she said, finding a slightly-squished loaf of bread in her bag, and some water. She held out both to Pandora, her heart sinking a little as she saw what was left of the food in her duffel. Damn, that's...that's gonna hurt later. But if I don't pay... "One loaf of bread, half the water in here," she clarified, giving the water a little shake, letting it slosh around. She'd be watching to make sure Pandora didn't take much more than promised.
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