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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Evelyn stumbled back as Staffan surged past her in his attempt to wrestle control of the gun from Nik. The brothers slammed into each other before tumbling to the ground, intent on damaging each other. Her alarmed scream was lost in the loud boom of the gun’s discharge. There was a stinging, burning sensation on her stomach. Of all the times for a bee to sting me….

She slapped her hand over the offending injury which sent a spasm of pain through her midsection. OW! What the hell?

There was something wet on her hand. Why was her hand wet? Feeling strangely detached, she lifted her hand up to examine the spot.

Time slowed down to a crawl as she stared at the bright red fluid. Her palm glistened in the early morning light. There was blood all over her hand. Who’s blood was that? It couldn’t be her blood. Could it? Evelyn looked down at her torso and located the stain that was growing across her shirt. She wobbled for a moment before her legs refused to support her. She fell to her knees, the movement jarring the injury inflicted by Staffan only moments before.

Had it only been moments before? Evelyn muzzily tried to remember. It seemed so very long ago, like it had happened to someone else rather than something she experience. The sharp crack of a second shot snapped her out of her reverie. Dragging her eyes upward from the ground, she saw Nik climb on top of Staffan and begin to brutally beat him.

She opened her mouth to call out to Nik when she felt an incredible pressure on her chest. It hurt. Her chest hurt, and she couldn’t breathe. It was like her earlier panic attacks, but amplified by a factor of a hundred. Evelyn reached out towards Nik as she gasped and struggled for air. To make matters worse, she was wracked by coughs.

Everything hurt. Just…everything. There was so much pain. It wasn’t possible to point out just one instance of it. Her chest burned as she fought to bring air in to her lungs. But the more she fought, the harder she coughed, until each exhalation sprayed a mist of blood.

Her head swimming, Evelyn collapsed as Staffan shot Nik. She squeezed her eyes closed as her boyfriend crashed to the ground. This was it. There wasn’t any hope, not any more. Her hero was lying across from her.

But at least he had tried. Nik had been looking for her, just like she had been searching for him. And now, finally, they were together. Nothing would ever separate them again. With the last of her energy, Evelyn slowly reached out to Nik, signaling that he should take her hand.

The sound of her pulse faded from her ears as a calm peace settled over her. It would all be okay. They were together. Evelyn’s final breath rattled in her chest as she gave Nik a reassuring smile. Her hand went slack as she closed her eyes.

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