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Considering his size and how little cover fallen logs and scattered shrubs provided, he was surprisingly good at this. He circled back around behind Mary-Ann, who was just as alert as he could have hoped. From her six, he rose to his feet, slowly, silently. He slunk forward a few steps. Carefully. Slowly. Silently. Like a jungle cat stalking a frightened deer.

Panicked high school students, however, would never be so quiet. She didn't need to be prepared for a ninja attack squad. Just scared high schoolers, like her. So he'd give her a little hint. He cracked his neck, and considering how he slept on it, cracked it loudly.

She didn't just need to be prepared, though. She needed to be more than prepared.

He didn't hesitate.

The moment he sounded the alarm, he charged, his massive stride quickly closing the distance between them.

Make me proud.
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