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Oh right, it wasn't loaded. She was sort of looking forward to shooting something, but now that she thought of it, that would be a massive waste of ammo.

She kept her eyes and the gun dead on the stump ahead, waiting to get the aim just right- and click. She pulled the trigger and released. The air felt strangely empty without the BANG she should have been hearing, but oh well. Hopefully, she would have hit it. "It's so weird not to-"

What the hell? "Hey, you still there?" This was bad. He was literally just right there. "Hello?!" What if someone was- wait. Crap. No. The gun wasn't loaded. No no no no. They were supposed to wait for her to know what she was doing to attack! She needed to grab the sword. She turned around to get it when HOLY MOTHER OF GOD SOMEONE WAS THERE SHOOT IT SHOOT IT. With a loud shriek, she immediately shut her eyes and clicked in whatever direction she'd seen the attacker- until she realized what she was doing and froze.

Her eyes stayed shut (as though opening them made a difference at this point), but her arms dropped to her sides. This was it. She was surprised she'd lasted this long, actually. She certainly wouldn't have if she'd never found R.J. Even before that... for those last few months of her life, he'd really made things worthwhile, hadn't he? Before then, no one else had ever noticed her the way that he had... even from that first day in the library, there always seemed to be something he noticed about her that she couldn't quite put her finger on. She never quite knew what she was supposed to be doing. But then, he had always been one step ahead, always knowing the way where she didn't- especially here.

Her throat had thickened at this point and she could feel tears coming, but more than anything else, she was noticing that nothing had happened yet. She slowly raised her hands once again, bracing herself against whatever was coming- and as she readied her fingers on the trigger once again, she opened one eye. This is it.
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