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R.J. simply smiled and shook his head. The mechanism was a semi-auto short recoil, and once it was loaded, she need only pull the trigger. He approached, leaned in, and slid his index finger beneath the trigger guard, pulling the trigger four times to demonstrate. He gave her a thumbs up, then ran off, ducking behind a nearby shrubbery while she wasn't looking.

He checked the ground. There was a vaguely combat knife-sized stick beside him, so he picked it up, and started to move quietly from cover to cover. Attackers could come from anywhere, and he needed to be sure she could react in time to protect herself. Holding the "knife" in a reverse grip, he circled around to her 3 o'clock position, until the moment was just right.

Time to show the world you've got what it takes to survive, sweetheart.
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