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She watched for a reaction- no answer, of course; however, he probably would've had a different expression if she was doing it right. That wasn't a problem right now, though. She was inexperienced, he was patient, and for the moment they were alone. He motioned for her to stand still as he approached and began to reposition her. A hand moved here, a foot moved there- Mary Ann had become a mannequin for the time being. A mannequin with a gun, that is. More than that, however... she was being touched. Of course, it wasn't the first time in here entire life that she had been touched. It was just- what in the world was this? It was... different. There was this strange softness as he moved her limbs one by one... so gentle that it paralyzed her. That was for the better, she decided; she wasn't supposed to move anyway.

But of course, it got worse. His face moved closer to hers- he hadn't shaved in almost a week at this point, so whenever it brushed against her it sort of tickled and scratched at the same time, like a cat's tongue. His hands moved to her hips, and-

Whoa. Blood suddenly rushed to Mary Ann's head, leaving her dizzy. She lowered the gun to her side- What the hell was that? She took a couple seconds to straighten herself again; glancing at R.J, she noticed concern in his face.

"I'm fine, really." She felt her cheeks light up like a Christmas tree. His face was still close. "Just sort of... distracted."
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