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"Tyler ... food."

That was it? All he wanted was food? Why hadn't Tyler just asked? Well, okay, given the nature of the game and Simon's outburst, it actually made sense on some level. It was, what, Day 6? One hundred or something people were already dead, and it would be idiotic to think that there weren't fights going on all around the island. It was simply the nature of things.

Wait, am I starting to rationalize this? (Yes, you are.)

Simon looked at Tyler, who was struggling to breathe, thanks to the unbridled beat down that Simon had given Tyler. All because they couldn't talk it out.

But, this is killing people! For no reason! It's terrible! I can't take part in this, what if I become a psycho like Maxwell or Reiko? (Who said it isn't? War can be hell. Even Homer acknowledged it. Just because you do it doesn't mean you have to like it.)

"You just wanted something to eat? Well, that didn't turn out as well as ... okay, it's become a pretty shitty situation." Simon sighed. "So what happens now?"
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