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it was a graveyard smash
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((New ownership of Meredith Hemmings. Haaayy~~ Apologies if my first post sucks, still trying to get the hang of her.))

Meredith Hemmings watched with empty eyes as Kayla ditched, slipping into the darkness and completely disappearing. The blackness of Hades completely enveloped her, and Meredith was almost certain that Kayla was gone forever... dead by hands of demons or something of the sort. Hades really was an interesting place. Regardless, Kayla was of no interest to her anymore. Meredith struck her deal, and if Kayla decided to get the hell away from her, that was her problem.

Please, just TRY to cry for Meredith and Celeste. Meredith decided that she wouldn't even bat a single lash. She would turn away and mind her own business. Lend a deaf ear, ignore her tortured pleas, maybe even feel joy. JOY that Kayla decided to go get herself killed while Meredith had all the plans, all the right moves, everything. She was like a savior.. Yes, a savior, but not quite. Alas, she could not consider herself such. She was only saving Celeste because she needed sustenance, and she could not quell the beast without sustenance for her own soul.

Meredith finally spoke, her slow and calculating voice ripping through the darkness like a knife through butter. "We cannot go after Kayla... She has made her final choice." She glanced over at Celeste, her eyes trying to adjust to the utter darkness. "But you haven't left my side, so our deal still stands." Celeste even mentioned the deal still standing! So things really were looking up... She wasn't being pushed against mirrors or threatened or forced to save her clothing after some bitch kicked them into the river... No, she was actually getting along with a human who needed her help. A companion? However unlikely, Meredith would have to consider Celeste a companion for now.

"Companion? Sounds like a dog.. Maybe a better word is in order..." But no matter how hard Meredith thought, no matter how many goth terms her brain rifled through, she could think of nothing else. Celeste was, ultimately, her travel-buddy (double cringe at the word buddy!), but that was only until the two were back into the over-encompassing rays of the sun. Then, Meredith would devour her payment and leave. She didn't need Celeste following her for much longer... It would only be a matter of time until that girl realized what Meredith really was. Freak and goth were obvious terms, but she was also a monster -- a monster ready to strike at any given moment. ...Maybe not now, but it would happen. The Beast would demand sacrifices soon, it was sure to happen.

"Yes, please follow me. Hades is a dreadful place, so don't loosen your clutches from my cloak. I know the way out like the back of my hand, so it shan't take me too long to find the exit back to civilization... Or should I say un-civilization?" She offered something of a smirk and began to walk through the darkness, her flashlight like an orb floating this way and that. As she walked, her right hand skimmed across the smooth walls of the tunnel.

Meredith and Celeste seemed to walk for ages, and it was becoming more and more clear that she didn't know the way out, and all of her talk was just complete and utter bullshit. Of course she didn't know the way out! Who did? But alas, Meredith believed that, with a bit of trial and error, she would find the way out. Her soul was crying out, the voice of herself echoing off the walls and communicating to her inner-self! She could FEEL the location becoming closer and closer... any second the light would fill her eyes and the sun would warm her cold skin, and-

No. Just more darkness, causing her eyes to feel weary and tired. But she didn't speak, choosing to keep her voice silent, lest the demons of Hades come to prey upon her.

More time passed, ultimately causing Meredith to wonder if any of this was really happening at all. Was she really walking through this tunnel, followed by some chick who needed her help? How long had she been walking? Why were the tunnels not leading to someplace that wasn't here? She wanted to be there, not here. It was all becoming terribly irritating, and she was becoming well-aware of an ache in her legs. Time to stop to rest for a spell.

Meredith stopped and rested against the nearest wall, her eyes straining for the tiniest bit of light ahead. She could have sworn that she saw small pin-prickles of light, but she could have been imagining it, hopeful for something to alleviate the overwhelming darkness that was taking over her corneas. She looked over at Celeste through the dull light of her flashlight and said, "The exit is just ahead. See the light ahead?" she asked, although there was no apparent lightning. "Once we're past this area, we will be outside amongst the other monsters... Far away from this Hades. Before we plunge ourselves into that decaying madness, might I ask for my payment now? It may be the only chance I have to sit and rest..."

She looked up at Celeste with slightly pleading eyes, her teeth tugging precariously at her bottom lip.
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