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((Sorry guys ; ~; This will be my last post with Jacqueline Myrie; after this she will be handled by Dom. I quite enjoyed my time handling Jackie, and I hope you guys enjoyed my writing with her.))

"You're nothing like me."

Those words burned themselves into the recesses of Jackie's brain, seeping into what would become a humiliating memory. Reiko Ishida was dismissing her. She was better. She was scarier. Her hands were bloodier. This bitch was hardcore, and she knew it. And she was willing to piss on other people to make that clear.

That fucking bitch.

"I- shut up. SHUT UP!!!"

But she didn't. And neither was that gun, apparently.

"I suggest you move bitch, before I add you to my little pile of corpses I got going over there."

Wait. There was only one corp- that wasn't the point. This was another gun in Jackie's face, and she didn't have time to lunge forth with the knife again. She picked up her bag and turned around, trying to shake as little as possible (it was a futile effort, but mentioning that to Jackie at the moment would've been a bad idea).

"This isn't the last you'll see me!" It was a cliche. A cheesy one. But it would have to do. Her tail between her legs, Jackie jogged back towards the mainland.

[[Jacqueline Myrie continued elsewhere]]
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