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Milo ignored Aaron and glared daggers at the girl. He wasn't sure what her name was, and frankly he didn't care. It was a total non-issue.

The fact of the matter was, she'd nicknamed him "Mil-ron." Like L. Ron Hubbard. Or Ron Weasley. Milo didn't like either of those two, L. Ron Hubbard was a smelly dead space lizard who ate babies and led a bunch of Satanic zombie worshippers, and Ron Weasley had a habit of hiding in his closet and scaring him with air horns. Therefore, the comparison was kind of a sticking point for the idiot.

"But I'm not a Ron! I'm better than you... uh..." Milo fumbled a bit and tapped his forehead. He cursed the lack of foresight that caused him to not know the girl's name.

"Wilhelmina, is it?" He took a shot in the dark at the girl's name, and deep in his heart he knew this to be correct. "Yeah, Wilhelmina, I'm not the Ron! You're Ron! Hold on, I'll prove it!"

He cleared his throat.

"Hey, Jac-tard! Come here, you fucking man-cunt! I'll skullfuck you with a rake!" Milo screamed in a high falsetto. "Oh Jaaaac-tard! I just wanna stick my man hammer in your sweet eye-pussy so badly!"

He coughed a bit. That voice was not comfortable for him to do in the slightest and he immediately regretted it.

He looked at Wilhelmina again.

"See, you Kraut whore? I'm not Ron! You are!" he shouted triumphantly.
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