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Ericka was dumbstruck. How could anybody be so stupid that they'd walk up to someone wielding a gun, in the middle of a free-for-all battle to the death, and ask for that same gun? Especially when that same person was threatening to shoot them if they didn't run. Running being what many people would do in the situation regardless of the demands made anyway.

Ericka decided to answer the boy's request with the obvious response; She raised her gun towards the boy, squeezed the trigger, and-


Wait... what?

The noise was not the one she had expected to hear, so it took a moment for her to process it's meaning. When she finally wrapped her head around it she began to panic.

It was her last one... The bullet she fired into the sand was the last one in the clip. Sure, she had other clips, but the boy was closer than he should be and any attempt to reload would result in Ericka being attacked. But even if she didn't she might still be attacked.

It wasn't hard for Ericka to come to a decision. She began moving backward slowly but steadily, fumbling to remove the empty clip from her gun. After finally managing that, she worked at her sleeve trying to retrieve the clip she had hidden there in case of emergencies....

And remembered that it would probably be better to actually pay attention to the people who might try to kill her.
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