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These boys were less than useless. Either they knew nothing, or were pretending to know nothing. Either way, Quince felt his finger starting to itch on the trigger. Tiff was listening to him now, letting him take the lead on this one. That was good. If they presented a untied front, and the others wouldn't be able to drive a wedge between them. Not that that would be a good tactic right now anyway.

Of course, Tiffany then found what he'd half suspected. Some kind of stick with a metal fork on the end. They were armed. That meant trouble. Josh was babbling, trying to claim that he hadn't remembered it was there. Likely. If you were armed, it's not the sort of thing you forgot. He knew he still carried his etch-a-sketch. Plus the rifle he was pointing at Josh.

Most of the intel he was spilling was useless. Meaning either he'd been really lucky, or was lying. About the only useful thing he'd mentioned was that Gettys was wounded. More annoying was that he claimed not to have seen 'Licia since before he'd arrived on the island. That was irritating. Also, the lack of real info was worrying.

"Come on now, you expect me to believe that? And so soon after we caught you lying about your weapon. There's hundreds of this on the island. And you've only met two people between the pair of you. You been hiding all this time?" He turned his head to Marty. "You've gotta know more than that. But it looks like you need some encouragement."

He lowered the rifle so that it was pointing at Josh's right knee. Kneecapping was always what the bad guys did in all the good movies. Seemed appropriate. There was no sense in pretending that he was the good guy here. As the man said, good, bad, he was the guy with the gun. He pulled the trigger, bracing himself for the recoil.
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