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(This is a positively godawful placeholder and I apologize for the delay.)

Ricky wasn't even paying attention to the other girl until she started shooting and yelling shit. Jesus Christ, what the fuck, he's here being friendly, and this chick he doesn't even know has to go fuckin' nutso and start shooting?

What's worse, Logan Reynolds apparently decided to take off like a pansy. Well, now everything was just ruined.

At least Jamie was sticking around. Ricky flashed a smile at the smaller girl. Hey, no problems really, he'd get rid of whats-her-face chick, and then it'd just be him and the Asian girl, that wasn't so bad. Not so fuckin' bad at all.

"Hey, don't you worry girl, I got this."

He turned and started walking towards Ericka, the grin not leaving his face. And why would it? He was Ricky fuckin' Fortino, and this was some chick he didn't even fuckin' recognize, so she was probably some loser anyway. How the hell did she even get a gun in the first place? Ricky shoulda been given that gun.

Well, he'd fix that.

"Come on girl," he said, his smile widening. "Come on, why don't you just gimme that gun. You're like four foot fuckin two, you dunno how to use that fuckin' thing. But I do, seriously, my fuckin' cousin Carm taught me, so don't you worry your little head about it no more and just gimme the fuckin' gun and we'll all forget this shit ever happened, k?"

Sure-fire. Now the chick was going to hand over her gun and everything would be just gravy.

He stepped closer, reaching out his hand.

"Now come on, I don't even know who the fuck you are, you're some fuckin' nobody girlie, so give me the fuckin' gun."
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