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[[OOC: crappy short exit post go]]

Hayley lost Kyle's words- neutral, non-threatening words, words she didn't need to worry about- in light of Ema's near-unconscious observation.

"God, this is really our life now, isn't it?"

Seems that way.

Hayley began to walk, her gun, dearest Vera hanging loosely in her grasp. This was her life. She was the girl with the gun. She'd killed four people. Two with this gun and two with the wicked-ass sword sitting in Ema's hand. She was wandering around on this island with the two people who, under other circumstances, she'd most want naked and on top of her, only instead of trying to fuck them she was trying to get them to be...not dead. Not that I'd mind the former...

This was her life.

It was getting kind of old.

With a quick look at Ema and Kyle, making sure they were following her, she began to walk into the setting sun.

Oh, Maddy...Alex. Where are you...?

[[Hayley Kelly, Ema Ryan and Kyle Portman continued in Without Love, It Cannot Be Seen]]

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