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'Killing the truth? What the hell, Sunil?' Garry very nearly facepalmed at Sunil's comment, and his version of events didn't sound like it was doing him any favours either. Jake hitting his head on an 'unfortunately-placed cinderblock'; it sounded like Sunil was just making it up as he went along, and if Garry hadn't been there as it happened (or more precisely, caused it), he honestly would've thought it was just a bunch of nonsense.

And now Rena was suddenly branded as a psycho, something she didn't take kindly to. Garry silently groaned; Sunil seemed to really be putting his foot in it this morning. First that slip of the tongue, now calling Rena crazy. It really wasn't helping things, not when Dustin probably thought he himself was a psycho killer. Rena was speaking up for herself though, and was talking to Dustin herself.

"Wait, you've met him before?" Garry asked Rena. That was unexpected. What was also unexpected were Dustin's next choice of words directed at all three of them.

The person here I trust most is the killer.

Killer. Garry. Killer.

Garry felt like he'd just been stabbed through the chest at Dustin's remark, and though he tried to keep a straight face, a slight frown was still visible. 'Yeah, thanks a lot, Dustin. Thanks for rubbing that in for me,' Garry thought, suddenly realising he was glaring at his hockey team mate. He hastily looked away at the girl was was flipping through some kind of notepad, just so he wasn't staring at the other boy.

'Still... he trusts me, that's something good for a change. Anyone else would probably have tried to hunt me down.'

"I guess so," Garry replied, though he didn't like the way Dustin called Sunil and Rena crazy, though admittedly they weren't doing a grand job of proving otherwise. He looked back to the notepad girl who was up there next to Dustin. "Hey, uh, you alright with that?" he asked.
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