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"Sit the fuck back down!"

"GAH! Okayokayokay! I'm sitting I'm sitting..." Joshua replied in a flustered manner as he sat back down the carousel, his hands still raised in a weak attempt at looking harmless. Shit, Quincy really means business doesn't he? That look in his eye... Jesus, I better be more careful from now on.

Despite already telling him that they were unarmed, Quincy still as it seemed felt it was appropriate to frisk them and take their bags nevertheless. It wasn't until that point that Marty realised that neither he nor Joshua actually brought any stuff along with them apart from a can of beer. Marty had left the gun he'd shot Michelle with back by the shack when he ran to Aston's aid, and the thought of bringing his bag along with him hadn't crossed his mind at all. He was too scared at the time to think things through, too scared to realise that something like this could happen pretty much at any moment.

It was at that point when Quincy mentioned Tiffany that Marty and Joshua spotted the blonde girl standing right next to him, holding up a golf club in her delicate hands. Joshua vaguely recognized her from around school somewhere, whereas Marty recognized her almost instantly as one of the few girls to have ever tried to actually hit on HIM for once. Tiffany Chanders? She's with Quincy? God damnit, I just got away from one psycho bitch to find myself at the mercy of yet ANOTHER psycho bitch...

As Tiffany went about frisking Marty, Quincy explained that he was looking to know who else they'd met, what they were carrying, and ESPECIALLY if they happened to come across someone by the name of "'Licia". 'Licia? As in Felicia? Felicia Carmichael? Why would he... Wait weren't they, like, an item or something? Jesus, all this just 'cause he wants to find his girlfriend? Huh, can't blame him I guess...

"You say the right words, and you get to walk out of here. If not ... you get to say hello to my little friend."

...On second thoughts that does sound kinda extreme, given the circumstances. Like the Scarface quote though...

Humorous Scarface quote or not, it was clear from the way Quincy addressed them that he dead serious at that moment. Neither of the two boy's doubted for a second that the man really WOULD try to kill them if they tried anything, after all Quincy had already killed before hadn't he? Someone who was probably in the same situation they were in at that very moment... This left them in a very sticky situation. As it happened, they both knew fine well that barely a mile or so away Aston and Anna were waiting for them in a shack along with their bags and some decent weapons. On the one hand, they could lie and say that neither of them had come across anyone over the past few days who wasn't already dead or long gone by that point. However, if they did that there was always the chance that either Quincy or Tiffany would be able to see through their lie, and then they would have to face the consequences for doing so. On the other hand, if they told them about Aston and Anna, he'd undoubtedly decide to pay them a visit himself...

Well, so what? What have THEY ever done for me? I mean, firstly, Aston was the one ruined my hiding place in the first place. THEN she started yelling at me for blowing off some steam! And then later, after I fucking saved her ass despite her calling me an idiot AGAIN, she starts yelling at us all whilst we were trying our best to help her out despite our lack of knowledge on how to use a first aid kit! You know what, fuck her! She could go to hell for all I care! Fucking ungrateful bit........

........Jesus Marty, LISTEN TO YOURSELF! You can't condemn someone to death just for being human! Sure, Aston is irritating as hell, but she's still a living thing damnit! You weren't exactly a calm and levelheaded guy yourself, were you? She's scared and pissed off at Danya, just like the rest of us. And besides... Anna's with her as well, and Anna hasn't done anything wrong at all! If you tell him about Aston, Anna'll get found out as well. You'd have her blood on your hands, hell you'd have both of their blood on your hands unless you do something about it. Quincy ain't that bright, and neither is Tiffany as far as I'm aware, so it shouldn't be too hard to trick them. Tell them that we saw Felicia on the other side of the island or something...

Only problem now is, does Joshua have the same idea? I'd speak to Quincy myself if I wasn't such a damn coward... He's not going to tell them about Aston and Anna, that's obvious. The thought wouldn't have even occurred to him to rat them out, the kind-hearted lug. But what will he say about Felicia? Will he even mention her? Joshua, for the love of god, don't mess this up!

After a brief moment of silence, the only sound being Tiffany going from checking Marty's pockets to checking Joshua's, the living anachronism took a deep breath before finally opening his mouth. "Well... When you put it that way......"

"Okay, what's this?"

Joshua and Marty's eyes widened as Tiffany retrieved the jutte from Joshua's belt, waving it in the air in front of them. The short haired boy bit his lip nervously as sweat began to trail down his head. Oh shit! Damnit Joshua, why the hell didn't you mention that you had a jutte on you!?!

"W-What? Oh, that! That's the metal... Stick-thingey I got assigned as my weapon. Completely forgot I still had it on me..... Uh, if its any c-consolation, its totally useless by the way. Barely even a weapon, really, I mean. Its not like you can actually KILL anyone with it or anything, especially people with big intimidating guns aimed right at me..."

Marty could tell from the sweat on Joshua's brow that he realised just how much danger he was really in right now. He was lucky enough that Quincy hadn't decided to shoot him on the spot right there for not mentioning about the jutte in his belt, but both of the boys knew that from here on out Quincy was only one ill-fated comment away from blowing them both away on the spot.

"*Gulp* Anyway, uh... Who've we met? Well, um, I-we kind of came into contact with R.J Lowe pretty early on, but that was ages ago and he could be anywhere by now. We, uh, also kinda bumped into Rachel Gettys the other day by the river. She was hobbling around on some kind of walking stick the last time we saw her... Apart from them though, pretty much everyone else we've met are already kinda dead..."

Okay, so far so good... Should I mention about Felicia as well? Probably should, seeing as he'll probably ask if I've seen her anyway......

"...And I'm, uh, sorry but neither of us have any idea where Felicia is. Last time I saw her we were all just about to get on the coach and stuff. I wish we could help you out there, I really do, but......"
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