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((Sorry for the wait, I have no excuse. Oh, also, I'm Sarah's new handler, nice to be back again))

Sapphire's back! We're all back together again! And...who are they? What are they doing here?

Sarah glanced over Sapphire's shoulder as she squeezed the life out of the fellow Christian girl and saw...they were boys! Boys she didn't recognise! What were they doing here? Did Brendan know them?


"Stacy, where's...BRENDAN!" Sarah yelled out. She let go of Sapphire like she was on fire and whipped her head around. There was the new boy, the one who Brendan hugged, there was the other two boys, one of which she recognized as that Muslim boy, and there was Stacy, and Sapphire, but...where was Brendan?

Sarah ran to the edge of their campsite, trying to look among the scattered logs for the boy she'd only just stitched up, or so it seemed like it. He couldn't run off like that! He couldn't have done that! He was wounded, he needed to rest! If his stitches came undone then he could start bleeding again!

"Brendan! Brendan come back! Please! Your...leg..." The petite girl tried calling out again, but she was still tired. She'd only just woken up, and now she had to find Brendan, make sure he was okay. If his stitches split she would never forgive him.

But...she couldn't do that right now. Every little bit wanted to go out and find him, but Stacy and Sapphire still needed her. She still needed Stacy and Sapphire, and try as she might, she wouldn't be able to convince them to go search for a boy they barely even knew.

Sarah held her hands to her chest, clenching each other in a tight vice. He needed to be okay.

She turned around once more and faced her companions. If she was any other girl, she would have started to cry. But no, this wasn't the time for that. No crying. None at all. Be a nice girl, tough girl.

After all this time, she was still tired. Sleeping sounded like a good idea.

"Guys, let's get some sleep. We...we can find Brendan later, and we can find a place to stay and help people!" Sarah blurted out, filled to the brim with her usual brand of optimism.


Several minutes later, the three girls were all set, cuddled up together just like before with Stacy. Sarah was roused back into the land of nod quite easily.

((So might as well get everyone asleep and transition to Day 6, no?))
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