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((Continued from Castles in the Sand))

Bill made his way across the island over the course of the morning, his black hoodie slipped on for warmth somewhere in the middle of his monologue and never taken off. His gun was slung over his shoulder as well, both because he didn't know when he'd need it and because it had never fit well in his bag. Bill was hungry and exhausted from talking the camera to death for somewhere in the ballpark of fifteen hours. He had at least managed to get some (presumably vaguely clean) water from the stream he crossed on his way south, and eventually he found himself passing through the "Fun Fair" (which looked about as fun as a hole in the head right now) and approaching the Hall of Mirrors from the south

It was as he approached the Hall of Mirrors that Bill noticed a large splotch of blood on the ground. Looking further up, he noticed a trail of blood leading away into the Hall, and an empty, raided bag by the door, with another bag by it. Oh, and a body or two thrown in for atmosphere, as if he needed to be further convinced of the situation or had somehow missed the other hints.

The math was not hard for him to do. Pulling his gun off his shoulder, Bill checked to make sure that it was loaded. Confirming that it was fully loaded, and that the rest of the shells were in the kangaroo pocket of his hoodie. Cocking the gun and flipping the safety off, Bill grumbled a bit under his breath.

Great. A player. Who knows who it is...ok, you want to play? I'll play.

Bill put a cigarette in his mouth, lit it up, and walked through the door of the Hall of Mirrors. Glancing around, he shouted at anyone inside. "Whoever's in here, come out with your hands up!"

And why did I just decide to handle this like some TV cop?
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