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Thea's little speech had upset Alex a bit. He squeezed at his eyes as Alex went into Thea for assuming that he was manipulating everyone ... and then the truth of the matter came out.

"But how dare you question my integrity, when all i've ever tried to do is help and all I've seen you do is argue about helping me and lead everyone out here to go hunt the GIRL I LOVE!"

He loved her? Alex loved Hayley? That was not the best news that Charlene had heard. Mainly because ever since Hayley had killed Steve, Charlie had wanted to stay away from her. Fact was, not pulling the trigger on Hayley was what she owed Alex for saving her ass. Thea's feelings were somewhat different.

"Now the truth comes out. Hayley can do no wrong and should in no way be harmed, harassed, or messed with because you love her. Awww how sweet. Congratulations, I hope it works out for you. I'm sure you'll be as happy as James and I are. No wait, as James and I were. She's a murderer, a psycho, she killed him. MURDERED HIM. MY JAMES, who wouldn't hurt a fly and who only went around helping people on this island. I can see how he'd be a really threat. And you love that? Yeah, I have a problem with your integrity and motivation on the island." Thea railed against Alex, and then Tall Boy, neither of which Charlie had a problem with. Then Thea turned to face her.

"And finally, you," Charlie's expression momentarily went into confusion. "What are you training to be a lawyer all of a sudden? Like I care if there was an 'if' in your statement, honestly. Get over yourself, Charlie there's more important things going on then semantics battles. I don't even know you anymore. You know what, I'm out. You wanna hang here with your precious savior and his new boytoy, you're more than welcome." And with that, Thea turned around and left, leaving Charlie standing there, shocked.

Had she been thinking about it, she would have realized that this was the problem of trying to keep the loyalties of two people who essentially had opposite goals. Going fully onboard with Thea would have meant going against Alex, and siding with Alex would have meant betraying her best friend. Her attempt to play both sides, by simply giving indirect assistance to Thea, had failed, and now Thea hated her.

No, no, no. Thea leaving hurt more than anything, including the gunshot wound she took the first day. After about fifteen seconds, Charlie managed to get herself back into the real world.

"No, Thea, please! I'm ..." Charlie started after her, afraid that she'd just lost her best friend of ten years ...

((Charlene Norris continued in Without Love, It Cannot Be Seen))
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