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"Woahwoahwoah, its cool man! Take it easy! We ain't got any weapons or supplies on us or anything! We'll tell you whatever you wanna know, just ... just put the gun down, okay? You don't have to do thi-"

Joshua got up and started to talk, but Quincy was having none of it.

"Sit the fuck back down! Tiffany, they say they're not carrying anything. Frisk 'em, and get their bags. I'll keep 'em covered." Tiffany nodded. Right now, Quincy was in charge, and she had no problem with it, mainly because it worked in her favor. She approached the pair, placing her golf club inside her bag, which hung over her left shoulder.

"Start talking. I want to know who else you've met, what they're carrying, and any other surprises you may have found. I'm particularly interested in if you've seen 'Licia. You say the right words, and you get to walk out of here. If not ... you get to say hello to my little friend."

The pair didn't seem to have their bags with them, so Tiffany started by checking Marty. After frisking him, checking his belt line and pockets mainly, it was pretty clear that he had nothing of value. Next up was Joshua. This guy was a different story as Tiffany pulled the ... thing out from Joshua's belt.

"Okay, what's this?" Tiffany waved the thing around to show both Joshua and Quincy.
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