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Thea listened to Alex’s outburst coolly. The longer the talked the more she was beginning to think that her idea had in fact been correct. Alex was seriously unbalanced and was trying to take things out on her.

She crossed her hands over her chest. “Now the truth comes out. Hayley can do no wrong and should in no way be harmed, harassed, or messed with because you love her. Awww how sweet,” she said in a mocking tone. “Congratulations I hope it works out for you. I’m sure you’ll be as happy as James and I are. No wait, as James and I were. She’s a murderer, a psycho, she killed him. MURDERED HIM. MY JAMES, who wouldn’t hurt a fly and who only went around helping people on this island. I can see see how he’d be a really threat. And you love that? Yeah I have a problem with your integrity and motivation on the island.”

“And as for our little understanding,” she said turning towards Jasper-Declan and putting the word understanding in air quotes. “Can you see what I’m talking about? At no time have I mentioned Hayley and yet Alex here as made it the sole purpose. I started out looking for James and then needed some time to collect myself. I have no idea where this Hayley idea came from.”

“And finally, you,” she said turning towards Charlie. “What are you training to be a lawyer all of a sudden? Like I care if there was an “if” in your statement, honestly. Get over yourself Charlie there’s more important things going on then semantics battles. I don’t even know you anymore. You know what I’m out. You wanna hang here with your precious savior and his new boytoy, you’re more than welcome.”

She shouldered her bag, somewhat comforted by the extra weight it now had. She’d emptied James’ bag of the extra food and grabbed a couple of shirts along with the photo. Spinning away from the group she headed into the woods that Jason and Evie had disappeared into not long ago.

((Thea Kairos continued in Anthem for Doomed Youth))
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