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They had had more time than Feo had expected, more by a good margin. By all rights, the ranger station should have become a danger zone the day after the cameras went out. That it hadn't spoke to the various distractions the terrorists were dealing with at the time. When the announcement did come, though, it was still something of a surprise. They'd spent too much time pulling things together. They'd been too disorganized, and now they were going to pay for it. The collars gave them, what, ten minutes to flee? They had a fuck ton of stuff to dismantle in ten minutes. It didn't help that no one was organized as they smashed things.

Isabel grabbed the wires to the computer, at least. David and Winnie just split. Helen yanked the bike away and grabbed some papers, and Roland put his boot through the computer. It wasn't enough, though. There was still too much to piece together, still too much that could hint at what they'd done.

"Get going," Feo said. Then, she turned back to the ruins. There were papers still around. The bike was still in the room, the refrigerator compressor still lying there. More than enough to hint at what they had done. The fact that the computer was destroyed was meaningless if their accessing it was noticed. They'd made a lot of noise breaking things. Someone would get suspicious. This would be checked out.

Feo grabbed the bike, hoisted it into the small kitchen area, and dropped it onto the floor. Then she ran back into the room with the computer, grabbed the rest of the papers, the ones the others had missed, and started to shred them. Carrying them was safe at the start, sure, but what if one of the group got killed by a player? What if that player then turned the info over to Danya, tried to brown-nose their way out of this by selling out their whole class?

No. No way was shit like that going to undo all of her work, all of Ethan's work.

She dumped the papers into the sink in the kitchen, grabbed her lighter, and set them on fire. She'd have burned the whole cabin down, but there was no way to make sure it'd work. Better make this look like an accident. She gave a couple of shouts and screams to help sell it. Panic was not hard to feign.

Then, when things had burned sufficiently, she turned the water on, dousing the flames and dissolving the rest into a soggy mess of mush.

How long had it been? Time was getting awfully short.

She still had one thing to do, though.

She grabbed the last bits of machinery, the ones they hadn't been able to get rid of otherwise, and stashed them all in the refrigerator. It was random, quick, panicked, but with any luck it would be missed or assumed to be the workings of an insane mind.

Then she was running. Time ticking down. How far exactly did the danger zone that encompassed the ranger station extend? That would have been something better examined sooner. The others were gone. Her collar was beeping, had been beeping the entire time. It was nearly a constant drone now. She...

She suddenly realized that she wasn't sure she'd make it.

She was running, running, the beeping getting worse. It seemed that the zone did extend a little bit from the actual building. Fuck. Fuck.

She hoped the others would be able to finish things. They'd lost too much to fail now.

And then, there was an explosion around her neck, and Feo collapsed, momentum carrying her body forward a bit further. She crumpled just a few feet shy of Ethan's corpse.

G043 - Feo Eleri Smith: DECEASED
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