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Oh my god you guys The Riz killed Cara what do!?
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"Exactament! Oh, Ema, honeybee, thank you thank you thank you, I could just about kiss you right now-"

Ema was taken aback, and automatically pulled a rather quizzical face at the overboard response. After all, she'd said what she'd said because it was the best way to save her own skin. All the time she'd been travelling with Hayley and Kyle, she'd not received a single injury, despite the string of fatal confrontations they'd been involved in. Then again, Hayley herself wasn't to know that. And it wasn't entirely untrue to say she had more than just practical reasons to stick around, and the "kiss you" part certainly appealed to those reasons.

"Oh just admit it to yourself, the original reason you stuck around was 'cause you still want her."

It was at about that point in her train of thought that Ema realised Hayley was still talking. She'd gone off on a tangent, again, so the most important part was probably still to come. Hopefully. She remembered that she still had that unusual expression on her face, corrected to a more neutral look, and paid attention.

"or get one of us home, at least,"
"There's just no real non-shitty options here, unfortch. Nothing much I can do about that..."

As much as it all basically added up to the Nuremburg defense, Ema couldn't argue, it was a position she'd recently taken herself. Just following orders from your survival instinct is a pretty legitimate reason to do anything, and in the history of SotF, none of the winners had ever been held responsible for what they'd done. They were pitied, seen as victims of circumstance. And Ema knew why, now that she'd been forced to agree that kill or be killed was the only winning mentality, first hand.

Again, Ema was forced to stop herself mid-thoughts and pay attention to what was going on around her. She could argue she was safe, for the moment, but spacing out wasn't a habit she wanted to fall into. She looked around. Kyle seemed rather placid, Hayley was investigating the corpse...s, upon closer inspection, there was a second, which had apparently been there the whole time. Made attacking the other group feel retroactively like less of a bad thing to do.

"So, we ought to get out of here, yeah? It's gonna be dark pretty soon, I don't really want to sleep here with dead boys Senior and Junior, in all honesty."

Good point. The sun was going down, and the two bodies would start to smell awful pretty soon. Better to head somewhere nice and secluded, and rest up for yet another day of defying death.

"Yeah, we should really get a move on."


"God, this is really our life now, isn't it?"

Wait, did she say that out loud? Oh well.

[When we roll out, feel free to GM Ema leaving too, whoever posts last, so I don't have to make a crappy short post for it.]
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