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Quince shouted at Josh. "Sit the fuck back down!" He was already pissed off, and now the guy was going to try to reason with him? Not this time. He had seen enough 'reasoning' since he'd arrived to know that it wouldn't end well for him. "Tiffany, they say they're not carrying anything. Frisk 'em, and get their bags. I'll keep 'em covered."

In a way, he was almost enjoying this. It was like being on TV. Of course, he was on TV, but it hadn't properly felt like it. Now, this was fun, being the bad guy, having the power. It was like when he'd killed Max. He felt that same rush of exhilaration, the same sense of being a total badass. And this time he had the gun to back it up. Of course, if they were as unarmed as they said they were, he wouldn't even need to fire it. He wondered how it would feel to beat them to death with it, or to squeeze their necks till they choked. Still, he had other business first.

"Start talking." He could picture himself in an old gangster programme, and wondered what Mister Costelli would think of him if he were watching. "I want to know who else you've met, what they're carrying, and any other surprises you may have found. I'm particularly interested in if you've seen 'Licia. You say the right words, and you get to walk out of here. If not…" He gestured with the rifle. "You get to say hello to my little friend." He smirked as he said it, wondering if anybody would dare call him on the quote.
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