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As Tyler went down from the impact of Simon's leg to his face, something that he had definitelty not expected, he felt a sharp pain in his left ankle.


It took Simon a couple of moments to grab the tire iron and turn back to Tyler. Though he wasn't able to do a complete diagnosis of what had happened in the time he had, Tyler could tell that his ankle is toast...

There's no way I'm getting away from here. I'm dead.

A swirl of emotions ran through his mind as Tyler Franklin knew what was coming next. No, not the details of it...that would have been both too much for him to process at the time and made the moments that passed next all the harder on him. Sorting out that he was about to die was enough to process in the moments of clarity that he had. As it was, in those brief moments, as his mind cleared from the fog that Simon's leg had left him in and before the next blows came, Tyler quietly resigned himself to what would come next...

Tyler looked up as first blow loomed. He did his best not to be scared, though he knew what was to come would hurt like nothing he'd ever felt. He knew, but he didn't try to crawl away; instead, he sat up as best he could, looking Simon in the face. And as Simon's first blow came down, Tyler nodded ever so slightly.

God, make this quick.

It wasn't. The blows came like a hurricane, falling all over Tyler's body. The first one took out his left shoulder in an explosion that he not only saw and felt, but he heard inside of his ears. Tyler felt bones break that he didn't know he had. He heard a pair of ribs crack, and an arm shatter. One of his ribs tore into a lung; another blow shattered one side of his face, his cheek bone breaking apart under a blow which narrowly missed coming down on top of his head. He felt every last one come down, and aside from that, he had no hope of processing what Simon was saying as he hammered Tyler with blow . It faded into a daze through which he could barely breathe, let alone think, by the time Simon's barrage abated.

As Simon's fury spent itself, Tyler's vision spun as he felt pain coursing through his body. He lay as still as he could to avoid moving any broken bones, something he knew would only make the pain worse.

"Who...?" Saying even a single word hurt as it jarred the broken cheekbones, but amid the pain that assailed Tyler through every one of his senses, he got the one word out to ask.

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