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Turn around, stop looking at me, turn around, stop looking at me.

She was getting nervous with quincy watching her as he backed away. She'd been hoping for them to look the other way as they walked off so she could make a run for it as they went. But no, he just kept looking at her with those disturbing eyes as he left. She couldn't exactly tell them to look the other way now it would have made her seem less calm, less in control.

Look the other way, please?

She couldn't relax until he was all but out of eyesight. What a pain.

Taking her cue swiftly, she dropped neatly off and behind the tree stump. Her bags were already in place. At least this way she didn't have to run. She was pretty sure they wouldn't be following her now.

Just to be sure, she sat on another tree stump and lifted the rifle again, only noticing then that the safety was still off and her eyes widened.

Nota Bene: Remember to fix safety on your oversized rifle before jumping off things.

She flicked the safety safely off, and pulled the scope up to her eye. She could see a hell of a long way with this, actually. She twisted knobs and sorted out the focus, aiming it at some buildings away in front of her.

Some guy was walking through the stumps down there. It looked like he was just... sitting there against the wall. She couldn't quite make his features out through the shifting lens though. Pulling her eye away, she shrugged and circled her shoulders, Trying to relax and hold her grip a bit steadier...


Aha! Mia you are an endless font of brilliant ideas.

Warte noch einmal...

If she pulled the clasp holding the scope in place, would it uncalibrate it?... It didn't seem worth the risk. Instead she squirmed about and tried to get into a better position, eventually pulling her knee up to eye-level and using it as a pivot.

Yep, boy at the... Lumbermill... was definitely just sitting there. Crying. His weeping into his arms didn't make getting a glimpse of his facial features any easier.

"Oh well."

She turned her attentions back to the direction the dynamic duo had been going, and after a minute of scanning around she finally found them again. That they definitely weren't following her was a relief... She guessed she could leave them a parting present, but it seemed like a waste of three precious things. Time, effort and Ammunition.

The last thing she swung her attention, and her rifle towards, was the lighthouse and the road ahead.

It.... looked clear? She had the feeling spying through her most lethal of telescopes was less purposeful than she'd thought.

In any case, she felt she'd better get moving.

((Mia Kuiper continued Somewhere Else))

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