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[[OOC: Skipping Dete with permission, to get this thread rolling and such.]]

"You're... you're right. If we just roll over and die now, everyone that's died so far, it's been for nothing, right? Sure whoever survives longest deserves to go home, but... that whoever should be one of us, someone who's at least given it thought, and regretted it, and... and isn't just some axe-crazy whacko, right?"

Those were literally the most beautiful words Hayley Kelly had ever heard in her entire life ever. Well, not literally, since she'd heard better things before, probably, and not literally because words couldn't really be beautiful, but they sort of could, like if you were a writer or whatever, but none of that mattered right now because the point was, her ex-girlfriend best friend wasn't about to crucify her. Hayley loved those moments where she wasn't being crucified, they were colorful and warm and full of awkward UST, or at least that was her life right now, here on Survival of the Fittest.

Hayley's brain was a confusing place.


"Exactament! Oh, Ema, honeybee, thank you thank you thank you, I could just about kiss you right now-" Wait, that was actually the worst thing she could have possibly said and all three of them knew it. She stopped dead hah, not yet thank you mid-thought and started over. "Or not. Anyway, I'm just...glad you see my point, yeah? I mean, I've killed four people. Four. People have gotten the death penalty for less. If I die now, what was the point of any of that, really? I'm just trying to get home- or get one of us home, at least," she added hastily, realizing how bad that sounded on its own. "There's just no real non-shitty options here, unfortch. Nothing much I can do about that..."

She shrugged and looked back down at the body, not waiting for Kyle's response. After all, she wasn't worried about him. He was more worried about the danger they were putting themselves in by having her as a named killer than at her actually being a killer, and the cat was well out of that particular bag. And he was still here. Hayley let the warm fuzzies take her over for a moment- I know such amazing people though. Sticking with me through all of this...- before allowing them to dissipate for good. Looking at the body helped with that. Flies were beginning to land already. Ewh. And...what was that?

Another body. Oh, joy. She hadn't spotted him before, given that he'd already been dead, but now that she was noticing the flies, they were landing one this one too. Apparently the girls she'd chased off were killers themselves, or maybe the boy she'd just killed was. That made her feel at least a little better, not that she was having much of a guilt problem.

"So, we ought to get out of here, yeah? It's gonna be dark pretty soon," Hayley said, nodding towards the sun, which was dipping towards the west- she'd estimate it was 5 PM or so. "I don't really want to sleep here with dead boys Senior and Junior, in all honesty."
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