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((GMing approved by Anderson))

Simon and Tyler crashed into a heap on the ground, with Tyler throwing weak punches at him. Simon was starting to get pissed off: he wanted to rest and think about the good times, and this guy just decided to come in and try to whack him. Simon attempted to get up when he felt something sort of pop loose, a familiar feeling that only came when he ...

Simon nearly fell over as the weight on his left leg was gone, forcing all the weight onto his right leg. He looked down as he saw Tyler pushing off Simon's left leg, right where the housing of the prosthetic met with his natural leg.

Not cool, NOT COOL! You do NOT go after my leg!

If there was one thing that Simon had a sensitivity to, it was his prosthetic leg. While he'd relied on one his whole life, he'd always kept it under wraps as well as he could. Naturally, when he wrestled he had to reveal it, but one of the things that got to him was when someone poked fun at his leg, or in a fight, when someone tried to pull it off to unbalance him.

On some level, he took it like the gravest of insults: that he wasn't capable in the same way they were. Had Simon been thinking, he would have realized that Tyler's actions were instinctual, and that he didn't even realize that Simon had a prosthetic leg. Of course, Simon wasn't thinking about that, or much of anything except to get Tyler away. It was then, given the general situation of the game and Clio's death, that Simon snapped.

As Tyler started getting up, Simon grabbed the prosthetic, while on his right foot, and swung the foot end into Tyler's face with all his might knocking both of them down to the ground - Tyler because he was hit in the face, and Simon because the momentum of the swing caused him to lose his balance. Simon then crawled over to the tire iron that had fallen down a few feet away, a crazed expression on his face, and turned around. With a scream, and on his knees, Simon swung the tire iron into Tyler, again, and again, yelling at the top of his lungs.


"Do NOT ..."


"... insult ... "


"... my LEG!"



Whack. Whack. Whack.
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