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As Simon charged Tyler in a bull rush, Tyler went crashing backwards, dropping his tire iron as a pile of Tyler-and-Simon goes tumbling to the ground. Without the tire iron, Tyler was reduced to trying to punch and grapple at Simon: Even if he still had the iron in hand, it wasn't like he could use it.

The two tumbled backwards, and Tyler attempted a right hook at Simon as they rolled onto the ground. The punch didn't do much; though it connectd, it lacked the energy behind it that he brought to his first swings; this was more a reaction aiming to keep Simon at least somewhat busy while he thought of something else to do.

As they tumbled onto the ground Tyler's hand, searching for a point to push off of Simon and break from the grapple, pushed off of Simon's leg (by accident far more than by design), and felt something come loose.

(OOC: GMing approved by Decoy)
David Anderson (deceased)
Tyler Franklin (deceased)
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