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((Tiffany Chanders continued from Facile Princeps))

The past couple of days had not been the best for Tiffany. While she and Quincy had managed to stay out of trouble, she'd had no chance to improve upon herself (Needless to say, her hair and clothes were a mess.), and what little sleep she had gotten had been on the ground, as opposed to a proper bed. So, at that point, she was, to put it nicely, a little cranky. The only good part was that Clio Gabriella, psycho whore, had been killed.

That was the state of things as she and Quincy came across the Fun Fair. The sight of a carnival was actually new for Tiffany - she and her mom had never sunk as low as to go to a carnival. It was just a bunch of rinky-dink rides that would probably fall apart if they were turned on. The only other thing of note was the fact that there were two people sitting on the carousel.

"Right, I'm not getting caught out this time. We go in hard, we ask the questions, we don't take any shit. I'm not having anybody point a gun at me again. OK?" Tiffany nodded as she followed behind Quincy. As they approached, Tiffany noted the two guys there, who were, as far as Tiffany was concerned, nobodies.

Actually, one of them she recognized as Marty Lovett. Bit of a loner. She'd hit on him once (she had a date coming up and needed her homework done fast), but it didn't turn out very well. Marty had shot someone, according to the last announcement. That meant that the other guy was Joshua Krakowski, who was about ten years behind normal fashion sense. So, Marty was a threat, Joshua ... probably not. Quincy raised the rifle and pointed it directly at the pair as Tiffany gripped her golf club, ready to swing at either of the two.

"Okay, you two. Hands where I can see them. We want weapons, supplies and information. You gonna make this easy? Or do I have to waste ammo on you both?"
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