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((Tyler Franklin continued from Just a Kid, Napping))

Tyler was lurking behind some trees as Simon approached in the morning sun. Since he'd vacated the house he was crashing in after a...decidedly surreal meeting with a couple of girls that felt more like a dream...he'd managed to burn through most of the rest of his food, which had put him to the point of scavenging: He was starving, or something very close to it, and it wasn't like there was a McDonalds he could run into for a bite to eat. He wasn't as exhausted as he might have been otherwise, and he was at least somewhat hidden from passers-by in the clump of trees. With the hood of his camo hoodie up to block out direct sunlight and let him get some rest, if not exactly sleep, while he stayed there, Tyler was just...relaxing, perhaps would be the best word for it, though usually when relaxing he wouldn't have also been hoping for someone to appear and give him a source of food.

Thus, when he saw Simon coming along from where he was sitting, mostly concealed by some rocks from Simon's field of vision from what he could tell, Tyler saw a possible meal from a looted bag, or at least possibly a backup weapon to supplement his tire iron, or something else useful. Slipping his hood back to give himself a full field of vision, Tyler made his way towards the new arrival quickly and deliberately...not quite as fast as an outright run or fast jog, but definitely swifter than a walk, as quiet as he could manage, but hopefully not making so much noise as to


As he got to within a few feet of Simon, Tyler hefted his tire iron, raising it to strike at Simon's side...preferably not a rib or anywhere the damage would be truly permanent if he could help it, but somewhere he'd at least immobilize his opponent for a few minutes to raid his bags.

One or two swings, I'll take what I can, and get the hell out of here before he gets up...
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