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((Simon Telamon continued from Meet Again))

((Also, title of thread from "M4 Part II" by Faunts))

Simon hadn't really been keeping track of direction. All he had been doing for the past few hours was replaying the most recent announcement in his head.

"... Someone finally managed to extract a little measure of revenge out of one of our big killers. Clio Gabriella is no more, shot by Tabitha Gweneth. Tabitha Gweneth. That's who had shot Clio. And she had won an award for her actions. He'd have gone back to the scene, except that Clio's body was now in a danger zone, and as much as he loved her, she'd given him one direction:


That's what Simon was going to do. The question was how. If he just went in with his proverbial guns blazing, he was almost guaranteed to meet Clio's fate, but there was no way he was going to be able to get off the island in any way without killing anybody. The majority of the island was probably looking towards Tabitha more like a hero than a threat, what with taking out one of the top killers on the island ... and there was a little bit of time where Simon had feared Clio would turn on him, so from a standpoint, Tabitha couldn't be blamed.

Why did I have to read the Orestia? Okay, maybe it's that and the fact that I have to plan, but still, nothing I can do about it now. Simon just sat down on the sand and looked out at the ocean in front of him, as he pondered what fate had in store for him.
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