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((Quincy Jones cont'd from Facile Princeps))

It had been ages since he'd left the bitch with the gun behind, and Quincy had managed to snatch a few hours sleep while Tiff stood watch, and then returning the favour. Even watching his companion as she slept had done little to calm him. He was still annoyed over being such a victim, and of not finding any hint of Felicia. That the last announcement still held no word of her was little comfort. At least he knew that she wasn't dead.

They had headed towards the funfair pretty much because it was a landmark. There was a chance that other kids would be there, some of whom may be able to help, or to provide information. Of course, that meant they'd also have to be well defended, or they'd be easy targets. Quince still didn't know which he'd prefer as he made his way towards the structures. Either way, there were probably people there.

And there were. Apart from the bodies, there were 2 figures, and were they… Quince squinted to see from a distance, but they were sitting on the damn carousel. Just sitting there. He turned to Tiffany. "Right, I'm not getting caught out this time. We go in hard, we ask the questions, we don't take any shit. I'm not having anybody point a gun at me again. OK?"

He pulled the rifle out and held it ready as he slowly walked towards the pair. As he approached, he recognised them as Marty and Josh. Good, a couple of guys he could care less about. Marty had been recently announced as a killer, so that made him going in heavy something he could better justify to himself.

He kept low, trying to keep out of their sight even as he kept them in his. Painfully aware that the place offered cover to any number of other people nearby, he trusted that Tiff would cover his back, keep an eye out for any other danger. Finally, he neared the targets, readied his gun and made himself known.

"OK you two. Hands where I can see them. We want weapons, supplies and information. You gonna make this easy? Or do I have to waste ammo on you both."
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