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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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He breathed her name in concern, but he could never tell if the word came out or not. At first he was horrified; Tabi had broken past his grip far faster than he could react, and he feared she might run away from him. She might run straight into one of the many dangers and death lurking all around the island, but it was more than that. If she ran away, he wouldn't be able to see her.

There was something very concerning about that.


This time the word came out. Setting the shotgun down and opening himself up for an attack if somebody had decided to arrive that very moment, he cared only to make sure the girl was okay. To see her lying on the floor, unable to move wasn't just terrifying... it was heartbreaking.

He stepped around the prone girl's form to be at her head, then lowered himself to one knee. "Tabi... we need to go. Please..." He did not wait for her to hold out a hand this time. Instead, he dipped his hands under her arms, straining to lift her. His back ached more from its fall as he did so and his teeth clenched in an attempt to thwart the pain. Slowly but surely, he'd push off his leg and rise, getting off of his knee and standing up with her.

Ivan would keep his hands near to make sure Tabi didn't fall again. One, two... three second passed and she seemed to be holding her own, so Ivan trusted himself to let her go. He still stood there, though, wondering if she might run again. What had spurred it on last time? What was she running from?

She can't be running from herself...

".... We'll talk later... just stay put a moment." Ivan said, always keeping his tone soft to her. He had to grab a few things... his shotgun, both pistols, Clio's bag... they could sort through things later. Simon had, no doubt wanted a few things from her, but there was no fucking way Ivan could just hand over any weapons. It was clear what the boy wanted to do to him or Tabi if he ever got the chance, and that was one chance he would never receive.

Packed up and ready to go, Ivan stepped back before Tabi. "If you don't want to look... close your eyes. We have to leave now." With the shotgun in one hand, and Tabi's hand in the other, Ivan led their way out of the house.

There she was, outside. They'd have to walk right by her, as luck would have it, if they wanted to get out of here the same way they came. Hesitantly, Ivan stepped nearer to Clio, wavering in his footsteps as though the girl was going to jump up and attack them yet again. It was ridiculous, of course; just like any other fallen student, Clio was never to do any of those things again. Feeling sorry for her felt out of the question, but Ivan reflected on his previous thoughts... which were all true.

She went down fighting. Went down a warrior, doing everything she could to see her family again. She did her best, and I have no right to call her a monster. Not when...

Ivan had released Tabi for a moment, muttering for her to wait a second. He dug through the bag, looking for something... anything he could...

His hand felt the cold, smooth surface of metal, and he pulled out a somewhat bloodstained sai. It would have to do... the weapon wasn't particularly sharp, and it would never be used against them if somebody happened to pick it up. He stared at it for a moment more, then pushed his glasses up his nose with his wrist.

"You can stop fighting, Clio."

He said it in Russian, lowering the sai onto the girl's stomach, then draping one of her hands over it. His respects paid, he returned to Tabi, then continued leading her away.

((Ivan Kuznetsov and Tabi Gweneth, continued in The Sound of Silence))
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