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For fuck's SAKE!

Why did they always seem to end up running away from things? Running away from Liz because she'd turned into a time bomb. Running away from the Ranger station because the whole thing had turned into a time bomb (with precisely three minutes left to go). Always running, never peaceful, though perhaps that was the nature of the game. She was kicking herself for not thinking about this sooner; of course they were going to become a danger zone, there were no cameras, and Helen had a feeling that the terrorists didn't like not knowing what was going on. Even as the announcement started, she had a sinking feeling that that was what was going to happen, giving herself a couple of minutes to mentally prepare (she didn't want to actually prepare just in case they were spared; that would just make her look stupid).

Time had passed quickly, and yet oh so slowly at the same time. She'd barely even been aware that it was night, there seemed to have been a lot of light coming from somewhere. Glancing down; there was a torch in her own hand. They were so used to working in the dark that it had become second nature. It might also have stemmed from the fact that she had woken up in the tunnels where it was permanently nighttime.

Still, as everyone realised, and Isabel changed her plan and Dave dragged Winnie away, Helen moved straight for the contraption, and with a sudden burst of strength dragged the exercise bike away from the computer, pulling out the cables attaching it to the process as she did so, a sudden spark of electricity momentarily looking like it might cause a fire (which, she was now realising, might have been a good way to hide what they had done) before frittering away . The cables and wires were yanked from the computer and stuffed them into her bag. Her eyes flicked to the sheets of paper detailing what they had found, and she grabbed a handful of them too, indicating the rest of them to some of the couple of other people who were still only just making their exit. If they were going to get split up (as she had a sinking feeling might happen) they wanted their discovery to make it to as much of the island as possible. Feeling that she had done her part in hiding what they had done, she grabbed her bag and sprinted for the door, pausing for half a second to see where everyone else had gone.

Just disappearing through the debris that surrounded the station, she could see Dave and Winnie, and glancing round at some of the others she could still see, pointed the direction she was planning on heading in, and then started to run, using every little bit of cross country training she had ever had to try and catch up with them.

((Helen Wilson continued in -.-- -.-- --..))
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