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... Simon chose retreat. There was a part of him that so badly wanted to run at Ivan and kill him right back, even though he couldn't have been responsible for Clio's death, but there were two things working against that: first, there was the shotgun. Simon didn't know how far he was going to get, but the only answer he could think of was "not very." Second, Simon had to swallow the bitter pill that Clio wasn't a helpless victim - in fact, Clio was clearly the aggressor, and Simon's (un)timely intervention had probably saved two people.

"Don't follow me. If you try and hurt her, I'll rip off your leg and beat you to death with it." Ivan turned to enter the building and took a few steps before turning back towards Simon.

"You can have some time with ... her." Simon looked down.

If I went after you, good sir, which I honestly thought of doing, I hope you rip off the left one. Then I could take it back and show you what pain feels like.

"Why, thanks. You're so kind," Simon mumbled sarcastically. He knelt down, putting a hand to Clio's face, and closing her eyes for the last time. He never thought he'd be doing this, or at least, not before retirement age. Simon looked at Ivan, who was with someone else, possibly the shooter. It wasn't a very good idea to sneak up on them, but then again, it felt so right. Simon just sighed as he stood up, adjusted his bags, and walked out of there, a somber resolve on his face as he remembered Clio's final moments.

I'm going to live through this game, Clio. For you.

((Simon Telamon continued in And I Need You To Recover ...))
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