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((Remy Kim continued from Alex In Sunderland))

It had been quite a while since he had left the Residential District, and he didn't feel well.

Oh god, he didn't feel well? That was an understatement. He felt like shit. Pure. Shit.

He slowly trudged along the path, head bowed to ground. That guy... didn't make it, did he? Once he got out of the area, he found that there was blood all over his hand and knife, with a few droplets on his shirt. So Remy had... he had killed him, didn't he?

Murderer. That was a bit harsh, was it? A bit harsh to refer to him. Remy was just defending himself, is all. That bastard was attacking him. He said he had to die, right? He wasn't a cold-blooded killer. Cold-blooded killers were like Kris, or Lombardi, or Gabriella. They weren't defending themselves, they were gleefully doing it. Just shooting at people, and killing them. Remy wasn't like them. He was one of the few sane people around. That was a fact. Josée and Cisco were probably doing god knows what, and he was sure he was still being followed. Lord knows what Death was up to.

He could remember walking past a few bodies. One of them was that Jarocki guy, right? The one who liked gory movies and hung around with that girl who also liked gory movies. He couldn't recognize any of the other bodies, nor did he wish to find out..

Remy went on, and by late afternoon had found himself at a bridge. Taking a deep breath, he placed himself down, his legs dangling off the bridge.

It was funny. Even though he was now a murderer, even though he knew he would kill again... for a few seconds, he felt a little bit like the old Remy Kim, just tired, a little dehydrated, and...



His mind went back to the town. Not only was he scared back there, he was also angry. He wanted to do harm to him. Same to Cisco. In a way, this frightened him. On the other...

Well, Remy had to live. He had to live and fight. He wasn't going to be a victim. Remy was always the shy little guy, the one people would always call a "mama's boy" or a "push-over". A "doormat". A "brown-noser". He was the one who never stood up for himself.

He had to stop that. He had to defend himself. He didn't care about any of this "winning" bullshit. He cared more about living, and making sure Reika was avenged. He didn't want to win some contest that he didn't want to enter. There were many people out to get him. Even someone like Sarah could have easily lost their minds. He didn't need to join any teams, or make new friends, or... could he seek anyone out? They were going to find out he killed someone, but that was a risk. He wasn't sure if he wanted to find Sarah, Josée, or Reiko. Lord knows what would happen. Did he...? They had to live. Of course they had to live, silly Remy.

He took out his knife from his pocket again, and pressed the button, opening it. He knew he would have to use it again. So many crazy people. He shouldn't even hesitate anymore. Remy could just stab them without them noticing at all. So many people were out of it, there was no point to him trying to talk to them. They could just simply kill him and go along their way.

Even now, even after he had cleaned the blood off his hand and knife, he felt like he still had it all over. But it had to be done. No more crying and being scared. Remy was going to defend himself, even if it meant killing. After all, he was one of the few sane people around this place.

So, as far as Remy was concerned, he had killed before and felt that he should have no particular qualms about doing it again.

Simple as that.

Closing the knife and placing it back into his pocket, Remy stared down into the water.

One thing he had to remember. If a psycho sneaked up behind him and attacked him, he would kill them. If they tried to steal his things, he would kill them. If they did anything sneaky, he would kill them. Just because he felt bad about killing that guy doesn't mean that he wasn't willing to do something like that to defend himself. It just meant that he wasn't going to be another sicko.

He wasn't.

Right? Right.

Coming to a V7 near you.
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