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(( GMing is approved by Lim))

Alan and Joe were taken aback by the sudden yelling and demanding nature of the other boy. Obviously cornering in his own hide out hadn't been the best idea, and with Dutchy wounded the stakes had been raised. Roland rose dramatically, advancing menacingly towards Alan and Joe, towering over the pair, 6 feet tall and over 250 pounds. His message couldn't have been more clear.

"Get out!"

They were happy to oblige.

Alan watched Joe leave before turning back towards the house. He wanted to go back inside, clear things up with Dutchy and Roland. He'd barged in abruptly, eager to save Dutchy, but in the end he'd come out looking more like a villain. No good would come from pestering the pair, at least for the moment. Perhaps there would be time later. But whatever the matter, Roland wouldn't be happy to see him sticking around just outside the door.

Alan headed down the road, shouldering his pack. He had a lot of thinking to do.

((Alan Rickhall continued in Our Last Days as Children))
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