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Roland turned back towards the computer, trying hard to keep calm. The task had fallen to him, and all the others were depending on him succeeding. This was it. He'd made big talk about being a leader, hell, he'd done what he could to keep Kitty safe from Jackie... But it all paled in comparison to this. If he succeeded, Danya would die. If he failed, they'd all be dead by morning.

A leader doesn't just order people around. He follows through. That's what Dad always said. Failure isn't an option. I talked big on protecting, but that counts for jackshit now. So calm your nerves Roland, it's time to fuck up that rat-bastard Danya. Time to avenge them all.

The door slammed shut, signalling Isabel's departure. Dave and Winnie moved for the exit, Kitty close behind. Helen made a detour to the generator first, ripping the bicycle from the computer, tearing wires and generally making a mess. Roland gave a halfhearted salute of appreciation as the girl likewise exited the shack. Breathing in deep, Roland wracked his brain, struggling to remember Morse code. It hadn't exactly been ingrained in his memory, but it was a safe bet he knew it better then almost anyone in the school. The only dilemma being he was mostly familiar with common distress codes, · · · — — — · · · , or S.O.S.

No sweat Roland, no pressure. A, A was dot dash. A dash was equal to three dots. B was dash, dot dot dot. C, C was dash das- no. C is dash dot dash dot. Repeat. A, dot dash. B, dash dot dot dot. C, dash dot dash dot....

Roland sat in silence for a minute, going over the entire alphabet. He wouldn't risk looking at the message before he was fully prepared. It'd throw him off. Finally reaching the end, Roland ran through it again. He was certain on it. He'd spent nights camping in the forests of Minnesota alone, knowing fully well that if things got nasty an S.O.S would be useful.

Who'd have guessed I'd need it now?

He couldn't afford to waste anymore time. The hut would be declared a danger zone anytime now. Roland scurried over to the computer reading the lines of text.

His heart beat fast. He went over the lines again.

I can do this. I can get them out of here.

Roland jammed shut his eyes, flicking through the alphabet. He alternated back and forth, looking at the letters and then switching to code, back and forth like clockwork until he was finished. He ran through them one more time, just to be sure.

Got you now Danya.

Roland reached out and picked the computer monitor up, breaking and yanking out wires indiscriminately. With a mighty throw Roland hurled it against the side of the hut, breaking it. He turned his attention to the hard drive, delivering a boot to its side panel, knocking it across the floor. He couldn't afford to take any risks. Roland brought his foot down on the drive again and again, reducing it to a crumpled heap of wires and other computer innards.

With a flash he was across the room, shouldering his pack and affixing his blade once more in his belt loop. His heart was racing. He needed to get out, he'd taken enough time already. The message was on an endless loop in his head, and he needed to get out, rendezvous and send it to the others.

Watch your son now Dad. Watch what he does when someone tries to fuck with him!

Roland kicked the door open, sprinting out and into the forest, repeating the code over and over and over...

((Roland Harte continues in -.-- -.-- --..
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