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And just like that, the ordeal was over. She put down the gun, told them to get out of the place. All things considered, it was about as good a get out as he could have hoped for, but something about the way it all went down still made him feel like a fool.

Quince was feeling angry about the whole situation. He'd been put out there, trying to be nice, and where had it gotten him? Staring down the barrel of a gun. Never again. He'd already killed one of his classmates, and now he had a gun. And this fucking bitch was threatening him. How fucking dare she! He should just shoot the bitch right then and there. Bullet right between the eyes. Bang, hit the floor, one less bitch.

Still, there were two things to take into account. One was that Gunslut still had her rifle. That meant she was still a threat, one that Quince couldn't afford to take right now. She was in the better position. As soon as he was within range and that gun was pointing away, he could take her out easily, but not now. The other factor was Tiff. He didn't want her to think him unstable. A threat, a danger. He needed her. He needed someone who could figure out where to go.

With that in mind, he nodded grimly at Gunslut, and shouted to Tiffany. "Let's go. No need to fight here." He kept facing towards the brunette as he backed away slowly in the direction she had indicated, waiting until he was out of her sight before turning, hoping that she wouldn't take her shot while she had it. "Next time, I won't be caught out like that."

((Quincy Jones cont'd in Later, Buddy))
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