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((Marty J. Lovett continued from And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse))

What have I done...

That was the only sentance going through young Marty's head as he ran headlong through the woods, blithely ignoring his best friend's attempts at slowing him down.

Back by the shack, when Michelle had them all by hostage, Marty had originally seen it as an act of heroism when he'd shot her back then. He'd actually done it! He'd actually managed to do something useful for once! Joshua, Aston and the others might of died if he hadn't of saved them whilst he had the chance! He felt so energized and excited that he actually tried to help Aston out when she got injured by Michelle's crossbow bolt.

Then the reality sank in.

He'd actually killed someone. Someone who was, in all respects, unarmed. She'd already shot Aston in the arm by the time he mustered up the nerve to open fire, and seeing as that crossbow pistol thingey only HAD one shot she was technically speaking unarmed. Hell, she never even got around to actually killing anyone herself! So not only did he shoot someone who was unarmed, but he'd shot someone who in the eyes of the island was completely innocent! He was a murderer. A cold blooded killer. A pyschopath-in-waiting.

And Marty didn't enjoy it in the slightest.

I can't believe it... I can't believe I actually DID that! Oh god, my family. What must they be thinking of me?!? Natalie? Oh god, Natalie! Please don't tell me you were watching me at the time! No, don't be ridiculous Marty, mom and dad would never... Oh no, Mom! Dad! Oh god, they must hate me now! Jesus Christ, I've become a monster!

With no particular destination in mind, Marty continued running for felt like hours, dodging pass trees and crunching twigs underneath his feet as he did so. Eventually, he stopped and took a breather when he noticed that the woods directly ahead of him stopped all of a sudden. He couldn't tell at first, but after his vision adjusted to the darkness he could make out the shape of what looked like a fairground in the distance. A fun fair? Why the hell is there a fun fair in the middle of the island? Fuck it, who cares. Maybe they have a haunted house or something I can hide in, along with all the other evil demons and monsters...



((Joshua Krakowski continued from And As If It Couldn't Get Any Worse))

Just as Marty was about to walk right into a dangerzone, he stopped suddenly and he turned his head to find none other then Joshua Krakowski running in his direction. The living anachronism stopped the moment he spotted that Marty had finally decided to slow down, taking the opportunity to catch his breath after running nonstop for so long. Jesus, who'd if thought Marty'd have enough energy to keep runnin' like that for so long! I feel like my feet are gonna fall off any second now!

For what felt like a good couple of minutes or so, the two just stood there staring at each other, barely a couple of metres between them. They both knew that one of them had to break the silence eventually. Say something of value that might help to ease the tension.

Eventually, it was Joshua who broke the silence...

"So, uh, hey! Um... What's the hurry?"

...Only for it to be replaced with even more awkward silence.

"Um... Nevermind, forget that I-"

"Nah, its okay Joshua. I was just... Fuck, I have no idea what the hell I was thinking."

"Its cool Marty. Can't really blame you for running after you'd... Um, no wait, that's not what I meant. I mean... Oh Jesus."

"Like I said, its okay Joshua. Thanks... Um, thanks for not telling everyone......"

"No problem. I didn't want to give everyone the wrong idea, man. I mean, Michelle DID kinda deserve it, right?"

They stood there in silence for a moment longer, neither of the two boys particularly sure as to where the conversation was heading.

"Then again, I guess it won't really matter once the announcemen-"

"Once again, good morning, kids!"

WOAH, speak of the devil...

Marty and Josh listened with intensity as Danya began to list out the names of all their fellow classmates who hadn't been as lucky as they had been. Nothing particularly special at first. Another Maxwell kill here, another Reiko kill there. Hearing Clio Gabriella's name was somewhat surprising, given the fact that she was one of the top killers at the time. Inevitably, Michelle's name was mentioned amongst the deceased, along with Marty being addressed as the killer. Apart from that, and the fact that Ben Powell's luck had apparently run out as well, there was nothing particularly special. Damn, poor Ben. I knew we should have payed more attention to him...

Once the announcement had ended, Josh and Marty looked back at each other with a confused look on their faces.

"Well... At least he mentioned that it out of self defence, right?" Joshua joked.

Despite his seemingly endless state of depression, Marty couldn't help but chuckle weakly at that joke. Even if it wasn't entirely appropriate in the situation they were in.

"Anyway, uh... Hey, is that a fun fair?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess... Want to go check it out?

"Sure, why not!"

With this in mind, the two boys made their way over to the fair, which from the looks of things was somewhat smaller then they had first guessed. It was, in all respects, a perfectly ordinary fun fair. There were a couple of old rusty rides, like an old carousel and a red and gold Ferris wheel. There was even a hall of mirrors standing alone against the backdrop of the surrounding woods. It could have passed for your average everyday fun fair if it wasn't for the telltale signs of conflict which littered the area. The most obvious being the dead body lying outside the hall of mirrors, surrounded on all sides by countless shards of glass and mirror. Not to mention the headless dead guy lying bang straight in the middle of the fairground.

Naturally, this somewhat put the two boys off going anywhere closer.

"Uh... Hey, wanna sit down on carousel?"


Tired and weary from their long trek, Josh and Marty sat down on the carousel, thankful to finally get the opportunity to get off their feet. It was at that point that Joshua realised that he'd been holding on to the can of beer he found in his bag the whole time, prompting him to open it and take a swig. The alcoholic beverage, whilst somewhat warmer then Joshua was particularly comfortable with, tasted incredibly good compared to the lukewarm water Joshua had been surviving on the past few days.

"MAN, that's good! Say Marty, you want a sip?"

"Uh, yeah, pass it over..." Marty replied, taking the can that Joshua passed him and taking a brief swig of it himself before passing it back.

"Heh, man... It feels like it's been a week or somethin' since we've had the chance to properly hang out."

"That's probably because it nearly HAS been a week Josh."

"...Really? Huh, now you mention it, I guess you're right... Yikes, wow, we have been here a long time haven't we?"


"Damn... I wonder if we'll ever get out of here?"

"I... Kind of doubt it Joshua."

"...I see."

"I mean, lets face it, neither of us really stand a chance do we? The only reason we're still alive is 'cause we've both been lucky enough to avoid all the tougher players. Not that it really matters... Sooner or later, we're going to end up as nothing more then another tick to add to some sick fuck's slowly growing kill-list. Who knows, if we're lucky, Danya might make a genuinely humorous remark about our otherwise meaningless deaths. I mean, Jesus, when you really think about it neither of us matter in the slightest in the grand scheme of things do we? We're just cannon fodder. Extras. Redshirts whose soul purpose is to die in order to make the bad guy look cool. Not exactly much of a fate, is it?"

Joshua thought for a moment before replying to Marty. As much as he hated to admit it, ever since the day he failed to protect Everett from being beaten to death by Janet, deep inside he knew that Marty was pretty much right there. The chances of either of them actually making it to the end was practically nil. Neither of them were particularly special, or badass or even willing to do what it takes to win.

Nevertheless, that didn't mean that he COULDN'T think of an optimistic view on the situation he and Marty were in.

"Well... Yeah, can't really say I disagree with you on that. Still, its not ALL bad being minor characters in the grand scheme of things. I mean, I kinda like being relatively unimportant. Have you SEEN the kind of shit the winners of the previous games had to go through? I mean, Dodd got freakin' RAPED for crying out loud! And Bryan? He just dropped off the face of the earth! And Rizzolo? Well, the guy was a total asshole, 'nuff said. Look, the point i'm trying to make is, sure. We ain't exactly that important. And sure, chances are neither of us are gonna make it all the way to the end. Believe it or not, I've kinda grown to accept that by now. But the thing is, if theres one thing I know as a guy who loves to watch movies is that its not the main character who the audience cares about. OR the main character's girlfriend. Or, hell, sometimes they might not even care about the bad guy! Its always the little people they remember about. You know, like Boba Fett from Star Wars. Or, uh, silent Bob from Dogma! Hell, even Scruffy the janitor from Futurama had a whole bunch of fans! So whose to say nobody cares about us? Hell, who knows, maybe we've got like Facebook fan groups or something. Seriously, i've seen a ton of them in the past for previous games. They can be kinda creepy sometimes... Anyway, point i'm trying to make is, its not a popularity contest. Sure, most of us ain't gonna have the same effect on the game than Liz Polanski, or Neil Sinclair back in the last one, but hey! I'm not like it's gonna make much of a difference in the end, right? Besides, we've already made it this far... Not many people can claim to have survived this long, you know?"

There was a slight pause for a moment as the two sat there in silence, broken only by Joshua passing Marty the can of beer again. The short haired boy took another long swig of the beverage, relishing the taste for as long as he possibly could. It was almost an entire minute until Marty spoke up again.

"Well... Have to say, that's a pretty optimistic view on an otherwise pretty damn depressing situation"

"Yeah, well, never hurts to see the bright side of things right?"

Not even Marty could resist a smile upon hearing that. Heh, good old Joshua. Nothing ever seems to dampen your spirits, does it? Not even when all hope seems lost, you seem to find the bright side of things. Guess it wouldn't hurt to learn how to do that once in a while...

For a moment, Marty and Joshua almost forgot that they were still in the middle of Survival of the Fittest. That they were surrounded on all sides by vicious killers who were perfectly happy to kill them if it meant that they would be one step closer to freedom. That so many of their friends, people they'd grown to know and love, were now lying dead and unattended. But at that moment in time, the two friends felt as if they were finally back home in St Paul, sharing a drink whilst chatting about the latest comic books and stuff.

And, possibly for the last time in his entire life, Marty was actually happy for once.
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